ParkLife 2017

dscn4261.jpgSo here we are once again. Parklife returns to Manchester. And as we live opposite Heaton Park we get a grandstand view of the arrangements. And those arrangements seem to improve year by year.

There’s a lot more toilets dotted around this year. There’s also better barriers to keep the crowds from the cars as people walk around the outside of Heaton Park.

It just looks so well organised.

The downside? It’s pouring today, the first day. And when I say raining, I don’t mean a gentle shower I mean a real cat and dogs that will soak you through in 5 seconds! So my advice is bring your wellies – although I know they’re kind of festival uniform. You’re definitely going to need them because the fields got a little churned up last year – without the rain. Think what it will be like this year!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a peaceful and wonderful time.

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Manchester rubbish bins

Rubbish tip - Greater ManchesterManchester rubbish bins have shrunk. And we’ve been told that it’s all in the cause of recycling.

And of course recycling is green because we’re helping the environment.

However, the Manchester council bin I have is now almost the same size as the bin I have in my kitchen. So that now means I make 3 or 4 trips to the local tip every week.

And from the look of the crowds of people dumping their rubbish it looks as though I’m not the only one. When I asked one tip employee how many cars were coming through every month they told me it was around 30,000.

Increasing non-recyclable waste

Now I know that quite a proportion of those cars are purely recycling. I do that myself too. However, just casually standing there I noted there was a lot of rubbish that was put into the non-recyclable skip.

So how much diesel and petrol is being used to transport our waste to tips that was originally being put into bins collected by bin lorries? It can’t be that green if we’re all making many more trips to the tip can it?

Manchester Council wins again

I suspect it helps Manchester city council as their bin lorries won’t be carrying as much waste as they used to. So the lorries won’t be so heavy laden and that means they won’t need as much maintenance and they also won’t need as much fuel to carry the rubbish around.

Which as a council tax payer looks to be a a good thing. However, like so much of the green movement the hidden costs (of 30,000 car trips to just one tip per month) can’t have been calculated  when they decided to reduce bin sizes! So much for being environmentally friendly, eh?

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