Jim Symcox Manchester Blogger and all round good guy

Welcome to Manchester Blog.

I’m Jim Symcox. I live in Manchester, in fact opposite Heaton Park – which is why you’ll find the occassional Heaton Park related event in the blog. I started this blog with Rob Baker to provide another view of Manchester.

There are plenty of other Manchester blogs out there and we’ll refer to them from time to time as things happen.

Manchester Blog wants to make a difference in showing Manchester to Mancunions and the rest of the world.

You tell us what you want to know about Manchester and its surrounding towns and we’ll do our best to provide the information for you.

You Can Make Your Manchester Mark Too

You really can. To contribute a post, a series of posts or simply to guest blog email us at man AT acornservice.com (replace AT with @).

We’re looking for stuff like:

  • Companies in Manchester
  • Manchester’s Education (Universities and Colleges )
  • Music reviews (Manchester bands, Manchester gigs)
  • Theatre reviews (touring productions, current productions, 24:7)
  • Food & Drink reviews (restaurants, coffee bars, wine bars, pubs, cafes, even sandwich bars!)
  • Book reviews
  • Manchester news (including all the towns around like Stockport, Burnley, Salford and Rochdale)
  • Manchester people (the celebs, the people, the visitors)

Also we’re looking for reviews on car parking, quirky stuff (like The Aliens post we did early on) and amusing ones about motorway parking.
Jim and Rob