Adventures At Indian Head


Next to Greenfield, near Uppermill, near Oldham there’s a reservoir. And above it there’s a “mountain” that’s know locally as Indian’s Head.

You can probably see the very prominent nose sticking out from the outcrop.  If you see it in the daylight you can also see what looks like an Indian headdress.

My son David and his friend Owen went there to camp. Which afterwards I discovered was actually not allowed. They’d taken a barbecue so that they didn’t have an open flame with all the trees and grass around.

Which I though was pretty responsible.

However, after just 2 nights on the side of the “mountain” they discovered that they couldn’t stay and I was rung to collect them. When I got there I found two very tired and damp boys quite ready to finish their adventure.

But they were enthusiastic about camping out under their own pet mountain: Indian’s Head.

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