Ben and Jerry’s Sundae Festival couldn’t be licked

Welcome to Sundae in the Park - Heaton ParkBen and Jerry’s Sundae Festival caught our attention yesterday and we rolled up to the cordoned off part of Heaton Park with a lovely big Helter skelter inside. Once inside we discovered a lovely atmosphere with lots of space and apparently around 7,800 people in to take part in the activities. The first port of call was obviously to find and eat some of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Then wander off and listen to the bands on the main stage and the acoustic stage.

However, as we had the children with us we got distracted by fun events like toe-wrestling! And as we wandered round we collected more ice creams. Although remind me to get in training for when I get the children a smoothie next time as I had to cycle to power the smoothie liquidiser! Still the smoothie was yummy.

The toe wrestling was fun with grown men, and women, taking their shoes and socks off and intertwining their toes and an Americanised presenter whipping the crowd into a frenzy (of laughter).

Wythenshawe community farm was showing cows and sheep in the area near the entrance, which was great for the children to have a look at.

Meanwhile, back at the toe wrestling, once the winner was acclaimed we moved on to the Helter skelter where we queued excitedly, still finishing off our second ice-cream. I got the feeling we were a bit behind in the ice cream stakes.

Then the children got to zoom down the slide. Although it doesn’t got particularly fast there’s something fun about going down a helter skelter, especially on a lovely sunny day!

Eventually we decided to go down to the main stage and listen to the bands there. We saw Fun Lovin’ Criminals and a couple of others. Generally a good time was being had by all, lots of rugs spread out, a genial crowd, people having a great time and a serious number of people standing up and waving towards the stage.

If this show is publicised better next year it’ll be great to go as I’m sure the people who went this year will be back next year as well.

The general consensus after we tiredly walked home was that we’d all had plenty of ice cream and we’d had a good time too.


Toe Wrestling




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  1. Jim Symcox says:

    Phish food is good but I love the simple vanilla.

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