Captain America Filming in Manchester

Captain America is being filmed near the city centre in Manchester over the next few weeks.

I was visiting a client and we took the opportunity to visit the set where Captain America is going to be shot (Dale Street and nearby) to find out what’s happening.

Before we even got there we discovered this rather nice American ChevyPhoto-0027 which was just being off-loaded and put into some very secure car parking.

Apparently the reason parts of Captain America are being filmed here is that the back of the Manchester city centre actually looks rather like bits of New York!

Anyway, we continued our saunter down to Dale street and were met with a hive of activity.

Workmen in high visibility jackets were putting up shop fronts. Perhaps to make the street look like a particular part of New York?

And of course there was a veritable gaggle of amateur photographers, yes including me, taking snapshots of anything that looked a little out of place.

You can see a couple of the shop fronts that will be used in the Captain America film in the album below

 Photo-0028 Photo-0029










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