Christmas Carols Not Wanted Here

God rest you merry gentlemen....For the last few years the Friends of Clayton Park, in Clayton, have run a Christmas event at Clayton Hall. Father Christmas has arrived in his sleigh (or horse and cart) and dispensed presents from his temporary location in the front room of Clayton Hall. Obviously attended to by many elves and last year 3 of them were my daughters!

Last year the Friends had a brass band with the intention of providing seasonal music for the happy hoardes of Father Christmas seekers, just near the refreshments tent.

Unfortunately the band wasn’t allowed to play Christmas carols because it was felt it might cause offence.

And the different band they have this year is apparently going to get the same message.

At the time it struck me as political incorrectness gone mad.

And Kay, my wife, pointed out that everyone knew it was a Christmas event, which funnily enough has Christ in the title. So anyone who doesn’t want to be involved with anything that isn’t of their own religion, or simply doesn’t believe in anything can avoid it.

In addition she noted that if she’d gone to an event and the event organiser had said, “Quick, stop doing ‘X’ otherwise we might offend Kay” she’d have been upset because she’d stopped people from enjoying their event in the way they wanted and possibly how they always did it.

So does that mean that the council have discriminated against people who want to hear a brass band play carols at a Christmas event?

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