Clayton Hall Museum Opens This Week

There’s still feverish activity at the new Clayton Hall Museum as everybody finishes the Clayton Hall - Overhead painting, adjusting the pictures and placing the food in the most artistic way they can.

The Clayton Hall Museum is obviously going to be an ongoing project with furniture added and changed. Room dressing changed from time to time. Maybe even the guides will take turns! It’s certainly expected that more rooms will be opened up for the museum as time goes on.

There’s a unique opportunity for you to see the results of months of hard graft when Clayton Hall Museum actually opens on Saturday 28th November at 1pm until 4pm for viewing. There will be people on hand to answer questions and tell you something about the rooms.

I’ve been asked if I could help man the event. Is that called volunteering?

Anyway, I will be there. So look out for a slightly sleep deprived person who will still to do his best to answer your questions as intelligently as possible!

The museum itself is half of Clayton Hall and has been dressed to show the Halls’ Victorian period. The other half of the Hall has residents, some of whom are apparently ghosts,

Clayton Hall is one of the few remaining moated manor houses in England and you reach the hall over a nice little bridge.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Clayton Hall Museum Victorian experience on Saturday, for one day only (at least from me anyway).

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