Clayton Hall – The Summer Event

Clayton Hall - Overhead, with Clayton Hall in the middle of the picture Today I was helping at the Clayton Hall summer event where I was given the task of looking after, and selling, a table full of books.

The park is a nice little one set in front of the old Clayton Hall and both it and the Hall are surrounded by a moat. Although at the moment the moat remains dry. You can see the bridge across the moat going from the trees to the middle of bottom of the picture, shown to the right.

Unfortunately the crowds didn’t descend on us this year although we did get a fairly steady amount of people arriving over the few hours we were there.

The event was a little bit of fun, and had the brilliant opportunity for people to buy books too!

I think the reasons for the lack of crowds are many.

Firstly because the event was held across the moat and is concealed by trees and buses anyone casually walking past wouldn’t notice it.

Secondly, it would be interesting to see whether the day we held it (Saturday) made any difference to families with children. That is would they rather go somewhere further away or into Manchester, or to watch a football match on this sort of a day? What do you think?

Thirdly, the weather was a bit unkind early on and it bucketed down for the first half hour. After that it brightened and the blue skies made a welcome return. So maybe the weather had some effect, although other events that had rain actually seemed to make no difference to the crowd.

Fourthly, as my wife Kay pointed out, although all the schools had posters about the event, it was unlikely that the children would tell their parents about it. I mean we have 4 children and I’ve never heard of them make any mention of any posters that are up in school – and yes there are actually quite a few. So maybe a simple letter telling parents could be slipped into the bag of each primary school child, before the last day of the summer term? At least that way the parents could see it and decide for themselves whether they and other children could attend.

It does seem a bit of a shame for so much effort to go into organising an event that children would definitely enjoy and not to have the hordes we know would enjoy it. Maybe you can think of a more likely reason that people didn’t attend this year? If so let me know and I’ll pass it on to the merry band of souls who do such sterling work in Clayton Hall.

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