Clayton Hall’s Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Jubilee A4aAnd so it’s arrived: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration at Clayton Hall. As a special opening day we’re going to be flinging the doors wide on the Clayton Hall museum Victorian experience on Saturday 2nd June. I have been told that ours is better than Stockport’s Staircase House which was a lovely compliment, but as we love Staircase House I can’t really believe it.

Certainly our plucky band of volunteers are friendly and welcoming and we’ve been told the house does feel like a Victorian one – although not dingy and dark like some of the films you see of Victorian times!

And we’re working on continuing to open up more parts of the house. At the moment we’ve the kitchen (with range)where everyone can gets to have a go at using Victorian kitchen tools to mince meat and chop vegetables for soup. The dining room i laid out as if the family are about to sit down to a beautiful Sunday lunch. Down in the cold room you can see the sorts of provisions Victorians kept. Then upstairs we’ve a little girls bedroom which has been fitted out with the things a trendy Victorian miss might like. Then outside we’ve the outhouse with mangle, washtub and irons. We’ve also a teaching room and another room which holds a lot of interesting items from times past – not just Victorian. Plus memories of people from Manchester are written down in folders so you can browse them in the aptly named “Memories room”. And finally you come into my part of the whole experience which is at the gift shop and cafe. You can get a reviving cup of tea,or coffee, and depending on our cook’s workload freshly baked cakes or pies.

Clayton Hall is an interesting building with a moat around it and reached over a medieval bridge. The other part of the building is Tudor with a small bell tower.  Originally the house went the whole way around the island it’s built around. Now just one side remains, although it’s big enough.

And to continue the Diamond Jubilee celebrations we have a May pole and other activities for children. So come along, find out for yourselves how Clayton was in earlier times in our memories room and rummage around in our Victorian experience.


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