Clayton Park Friends Event Let Down By The Weather?

The Friends of Clayton Park - Summer Event The Friends of Clayton Park held a “Fun Day” for kids at Clayton Park and Clayton Hall. And the weather was lovely and sunny.

Maybe that’s why they got less people than they did last year. Perhaps everyone had the urge, lemming-like, to leap into their cars and rush for the seaside, or Blackpool.

Whatever the reason a much increased and roomier event was not as busy as last years.

And that was a great shame because the really popular obstacle course was longer and more interesting. The crafts kids could take part in were more extensive. Of course the bouncy castle and slides were also there for kids to go on.Kids on the bouncy slide at Clayton Park

And to round it all off the Fire Brigade turned up to show interested children around and let them see what was in a fire engine.

The event also had a rather nice little cafe, set next to Clayton Hall where I went for a relaxing cup of tea.

For the next event I’ll provide a few weeks warning through a blog posting so you’ll know to go along.

The next event at Clayton Vale – a completely different location but run by some of the same friends – is the Halloween Howler. Nearly 2,000 people came for a scary walk through the Vale last year. And again I’ll give you a few weeks notice so you can polish up your pitchfork and lantern.

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People buzzing around one of the stalls at the Clayton Park Event

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