Clayton Vale Halloween Event

Clayton Vale Friends group won a top award earlier this week in an awards ceremony held at the newly restored Gorton Monastery.

The Friends won the 2007 award for the “The Best Friends Group” and that’s down to their hardwork, dedication and the fact that they get an amazing turnout for their events.

Tonight they held their Halloween Howler where people were scared out of their wits by an army of about 30 to 40 volunteers whose faces were painted and enacted grisly scenes or jumped out at you.

At the end of a very successful night the “counter” said she’d counted over 1,000 people attending the event, an increase of 200 over last years Halloween Howler event.

The general murmur seemed to be that people enjoyed the event. In fact I heard one group say that this was the third time they’d come to this event. And then one piped up that this was their first and they’d really enjoyed it.

When I went into the greatly extended visitors centre I could see they’d sold vast amounts of cakes (made up as ghosts, spiders, eyeballs and spiders webs) along with cups of tea, orange and assorted soft drinks.

The event is not actually planned to make money, there’s no charge to attend, but I could see that the Friends will have made quite a bit that will go into making further events even better.

So well done Friends of Clayton Vale and I look forward to the next event.

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