Come, see and touch the Victorian experience at Clayton Hall Museum on Saturday

OD 0410 #2Clayton Hall museum opens for it’s monthly outing tomorrow (16th July) and is running a new craft workshop where children get to make a peg doll (for a small charge). The entry to the museum itself is free so don’t feel that you have to pay big to look around. In addition we have a guide in each room who can explain what’s what.

And as you can see from the picture children can get dressed up in Victorian clothing and get to touch the stuff!

Hopefully we’ll get the weather we’ve had for the last two days here in Manchester – sun and blue skies. Although as I write this I notice some clouds have suddenly appeared and are looking blacker than I like.

Still, there’s plenty to do inside and of course you can come into the cafe and have a nice piece of home-made cake and a beverage of your choice.

While you’re there, say hello to me as I’ll be manning the shop. And at the moment it’s stuffed with loads of things. My only problem is that my children (and me) are going to buy lots of the things we’re meant to be selling!

Anyway, it should be good. Come along and support a volunteer created museum and see how a Victorian family might have lived.

If you like ghosts apparently we have a few. Although to be honest I’ve never felt any sort of presence.

We open on the dot at 1pm and we are looking forward to seeing you there.

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