CRB Background Checks – Do They Work?

passport My wife has experienced the complete chaos that is the CRB check for working in schools.

I applaud any effort to keep pupils safe but I really think these CRB checks are a completely red-tape bound waste of time.

For example my wife sent in an application to work at schools through an agency and 3 times they’ve come back to the agency asking for further proof of residency. By the way the agency did a know sex-offenders check and got the results in 24 hours.

One that completely floored me was they asked for one of the following:

Group 1

• Valid passport (any nationality)

• UK driving licence, either photocard or paper

• Original birth certificate, full or short form, issued within 12 months of the date of birth

Or if you didn’t have any of the above you could produce several documents from those categorised as Group 2 documents, including “Birth certificate, full or short form, issued after 12 months of date of birth.”

A mains water pipe had burst and flooded out garage where we stored documents, including Kay’s birth certificate. So I went and got a copy from the registrars so we could send it for the CRB check.

The CRB checkers then said we couldn’t use the copy certificate because it was more than 12 months after the date of birth!

Which surely must be a complete nonsense as I checked with registrars who said that the copy certificate was authenticated by them from the original entry in the register. Therefore, it has the same validity as the original document!

I can understand if the original registration was more than 12 months after the birth (which is actually illegal I believe) but to say the registrars are wrong is completely beyond belief.

You’ll no doubt notice that Group 1 also suggests using a valid passport – well guess what? I applied and got my passport using a copy birth certificate! If Kay did the same she could then provide the passport and it would be accepted without quibble.

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