Dad’s Army Wins The War At The Lowry

Dad's Army at the Lowry TheatreI went to see Dad’s Army, The Lost Episodes, at the Lowry Theatre in Salford yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

A few of the cast look similar to the original BBC TV characters, for example Pike and Corporal Jones.

In all there are 4 episodes presented, using scripts adapted from the original TV scripts.

Being of that certain age where I’d seen episodes as originally broadcast I’d seen them all. That said I was completely immersed in the experience and as I said found it most enjoyable.

Captain Mainwaring sounded just right, although when he said “stupid boy” to Pike it lacked the conviction of the original. That said, Captain Mainwaring acted exactly how Jimmy Perry and David Croft had written the script so many years before.

Captain Mainwaring and Corporal Jones were a delight, as was the U boat commander who lovingly recreated the role of a superior who had no doubt he would win out over the humble British Home Guard.

Private Fraser was slightly cartoon like to look at but sounded exactly right and delivered his lines with real impact, particularly Fraser’s catch phrase of “We’re Doomed!”

If you love the original Dad’s Army you’ll also love this this well adapted staged version.

The set is minimalist and flown in from the wings and from the top of the stage. But in some ways that helps you to fill in the details yourself. The real power of the play is in the exact characterisations and staying close to the scripts without trying to re-invent a winning formula.

So if you want to see it you need to get your skates on as the production finishes its run at the Lowry Theatre on the 5th January 2008.

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