Diane Modhal Starts Clayton Fun Run

Diana Modhal warms up the fun runners Clayton Vale played host to a fun run today. Diane Modhal, the Auckland Commonwealth Games 800 metre gold medal winner had a hectic weekend as she kindly started the Clayton Vale Fun Run.

The course wasn’t that hard and anyone who’s walked around the famed Clayton Vale Halloween Howler event would have had little or no difficulty in finishing the course and getting their medal.

The weather was just right for a run, or in some cases a toddle. Not too warm, a slight breeze and a bit of sun.

After the run we went to the visitors centre and two of my daughters had their faces painted. Well actually one had her face painted (a nice bright pink butterfly). The other had her arm painted with a lovely climbing pink flower.

There was some disappointment that the event lacked a bouncy castle! However, I felt that was  more than offset by the free crafts that people could have a go at after their successful run.

Well done to all who took part and the organisers who managed to do a good job of making sure everything started pretty much on time.

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