Dr. Who Lands In Manchester

The Daleks Are Coming!! Dr. Who, K9, Rose Tyler, Martha, The Daleks…

Dr Who's Faithful Companion - K9

Names that are very familiar to anyone who’s current with the latest Dr. Who series with David Tennant.

And if you want to go and see them all they’re on display at The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Well, in reality the human are only represented in photographs and video. They’ve been here for a while but we’ve been waiting to go and see the exhibition.

Then at last we were ready to go and we went there on Sunday. We had a great time looking round the Dr. Who exhibits.

The Daleks are there though and one of the fun thing is you can stand inside a cutaway Dalek and use a voice changer to sound like a Dalek.

When I tried I was soothingly told that it made the Dalek sound like it was very posh!

Of course if the Daleks are there you’re going to have the other power crazed monsters too aren’t you? The exhibits were great, even close-up. The cybermen looked very shiny and threatening close up.

I suspect a truly dedicated fan would be in their element here. Even so those of us who just enjoy each well-written episode had a great time.

And as the exhibition is on until January 6th 2008 we may have to return for more photos.

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