Father Christmas comes to Clayton Hall today!

Father Christmas arrives at Clayton Hall

Clayton Hall Christmas

Father Christmas has graciously agreed to pop down to Clayton Hall to stay for a few hours and dispense jolly laughs and the odd prezzie.

Weather permitting he expects to arrive by flying sleigh, although to be honest with the low cloud conditions at the moment he’s more likely to arrive by his traditional method of horse and cart.

The whole event is themed, like the Hall, as a Victorian Christmas. Sounds good to me.

It’s on from 1pm to 4pm. And Father Christmas arrives at 1:30pm.

You, and your children have the opportunity to visit and also get a photo taken.

So comne on down, then you’ll know Christmas has really started.

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  1. www.socialenterprisemanchester.co.uk says:

    haha on his sleigh. wish he would have, was a good day but very cold.

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