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Heaton Park gets it’s skates on

Heaton Park has opened it’s doors to ice skating.

What a great idea and one that has probably been staring all of us in the face as a great way to make money for Heaton park.

And it’s brilliant.

The family went along a few days ago and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We hadn’t taken our skates, but I will be doing when we go again this week.

The actual rink is inside a huge tent situated just in front of the golf driving range at the Sainsbury’s entrance to Heaton Park.

Having the rink in a tent is a very good call because Manchester weather and ice don’t mix very well! After all who wants to suddenly pull up short when they come to a rain puddle on the ice?

We went to the little cafe/bar opposite the rink to get our tickets (wrist bands) and went straight across to get on the ice. I wasn’t sure the skating would be worth what we paid (a shade over £27).

I was wrong, we all had a great time.

The skates that are provided aren’t bad at all, although bizarrely one of my skates was a little blunt.

After my initial testing out my abilities on this new ice I was off and skating away!

I would say come down and try it, you’ll love it.

But I wont because I want the ice to myself!

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