Heaton Park Horse-Drawn Tram Draws The Crowds

Bob Hill - one of the Tram's restorersSunday was a beautiful day for the historic re-opening of the horse drawn tram service in Heaton Park. There were large gatherings of tram fans and us, the general public, come to watch and take part in its first services.

I talked to Bob Hill (one of the restorers at the Tram Museum, his picture is to the left). Bob was pleased it was going so well and of course that the weather was much better than they’d had on Saturday. Saturday was their final trials and the heavens had opened and they’d all got soaked to their skins.

The tram turned out to be even more interesting than I thought. When it comes to the end of its journey it’s unhitched and the tram’s body literally turned round while the wheels remain on the tram track! You can see how that works from the 3 photos at the bottom of the post.

And the volunteers and enthusiasts had turned out in force to watch the tram go through its paces. I took two of my

Heaton Park Horse-drawn Tram Conductor David Hooker says all-aboard

daughters and bought a ticket from helpful conductor (David Hooker). David was nattily dressed as a Victorian, or maybe Edwardian (I think), ticket conductor in a natty bowler hat and stout shoes and full costume. He and the other volunteers who dressed the part were endlessly patient posing for many photos and selling lots of souvenir tickets for the trams first day.

We bought our tickets and hopped onto the tram and up to the upper deck. It was great! The tram doesn’t go that far but we all really enjoyed the experience. And with it the chance to be involved in a little history as the Heaton Park horse-drawn tram starts its service.

I’m not sure how the exact schedule for the trams will work as they’ve the horse drawn tram and their other trams. Although the only electric tram I could see was number 53. Which was working as it normally does on a Sunday during the season.

Anyway, good luck to Heaton Park, the Tram Museum and all involved with the trams. All I can say is, “get some more tram track laid down!” We all want to go up to Heaton Hall and maybe even across the park. Horse and tram unhitched - now what?

Heaton Park - horse drawn tram - let's turn it!

Heaton Park - horse drawn tram - that's turned it!

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