Manchester Airport Parking A Hit With Google

Manchester AirportIf you checkout Google Zeitgeist you’ll notice that in the UK Manchester Airport parking comes in at the number 10 most searched phrase in June.

That’s either good, because so many people are using Manchester airport and are looking for a convenient parking place. Or bad because the same bunch of people are making multiple searches to find the cheapest parking spaces.

Manchester airport car parking ranges in price, for example from under ?5 per day for parking where you’re collected by shuttle bus to get to the airport to just under ?10 per day if you’re using the short stay car park for Terminal 2 if you pre-book. Terminals 1 and 3 offer different prices.

So you can understand when people look elsewhere for parking. And of course there are a multitude of web sites that have sprung up to act as an intermediary between parkee and park keeper. For example this parking portal gives a range of locations to check prices against.

Or you can just do what my brother did – ask your brother to park it on his drive for 2 weeks. Which is great because I get to use it!

What I’m not meant to…?

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