Manchester at the Olympics

Manchester is involved with the 2012 Olympics. After all our football stadia are being used for Olympic football.

That said, I think like most Mancunians we’re glued to the fabulous BBC Olympic coverage.

It’s difficult to remember a time when Great Britain has had so much talent on display. Our cyclists continually breaking the World record. our rowers  getting gold despite the absence of Steve Redgrave, winning gold at the 10,000 metres, the women’s hepthalon and the men’s long jump!

It’s been fantastic.

And we’ve been very fortunate that the Olympics have been held here in Britain.

We’ve experienced the positive results of the Commonwealth games here. They include great sport facilities such as the world class velodrome in Eastlands and the Aquatic centre, just off Oxford Road.

So well done London, and everyone who worked so hard to support the games there and around the country.

Having been blown away by the opening ceremony I’m also looking forward to the closing ceremony. Although I’ll admit to a little sadness because this has been such as great games for the whole country.



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