Manchester Blog Amazon Store – Opens At Last!

New Layout


I created a page related to Manchester books and anything else Amazon has that is to do with Manchester some time ago.

Unfortunately I didn’t just blindly copy the code and create a special blog page.

No, no that was too simple…

Instead I looked at the code generated and checked against the HTML tutor to see if I could add anything to spice up the page when it displayed.

Needless to say I should have left well alone as the Amazon link has never worked.

The good news is that I went back to first principles, re-generated the code, successfully resisted the urge to “make it better” and now it works!

So to celebrate head on over to The Manchester Blog Book Store and see if you can find that book on United, Sven, City or maybe the Busby Babes.

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Manchester is great. At Manchester University I take part in Gilbert & Sullivan productions each year. I'm a Manchester-based business growth coach and marketing evangelist and like to help companies grow more profitable, more quickly.
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