Manchester City Hosts Eddie Stobart display and Rugby too

The first thing I noticed as I joined the traffic jam around Manchester City’s stadium was the vast throng of people queuing. “strange”, I though, “City aren’t playing today. What’s going on?”

Thoughts that probably every motorist not involved was considering darkly as they sat in their hot, fume filled cars.

Then I noticed several Eddie Stobart lorries.

So despite the lorry firm being sold it’s obvious that there are a still an enormous army of fans out there who collect the lorry names.

Apparently it’s a free two  day event where you get to see 24 of Stobart’s top lorries. And there’s also the Stobart Super League’s Magic Weekend of seven rugby league games going to be going on  inside the stadium.

So maybe, they’re not all coming for the lorries…

Also fans get the chance to meet drivers from the Channel 5 series Eddie Stobart: Trucks & Trailers. The drivers will be signing autographs and showing off the trucks too.

There will also be a special prize draw with the winners getting the chance to go on a delivery with their favourite Stobart driver or even jumping the three-year waiting list to name a brand-new Stobart truck.

Stobart is bringing along all 15 individual Super League promotional trailers to the event.

So come on Mancunions, take advantage of this fabulous sunny day and go see the trucks and throw in a little rugby too!

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