Manchester City Win 6-0 Against Portsmouth

City Of Manchester StadiumI’m a true Manchester supporter.

That means I support any Manchester endeavour, unless it’s just plain stupid, or crazy.

As chance would have it Kay had won a pair of tickets to the Manchester City versus Portsmouth game for last Sunday.

She had thought about going herself with our eldest daughter. Luckily sense and a low boredom threshold kicked in and she decided that I might like them.

So I rang Rob Baker who’s a keen City fan and organised for us to go to the match.

Luckily my mother in law lives fairly close to the Stadium so we dropped Rob’s car off there (so it would be relatively secure) and walked off to watch the match.

The weather was fantastic, a lovely clear blue sky and just the right temperature.

The tickets were for B row right at the front but Rob and I decided we’d be better off standing at the back of the stadium as we’d get a better view of the whole ground. And obviously from there we had a fantastic view as City romped away with 6 goals to nil.

I wouldn’t say City had it all their own way but by the time they’d scored 4 they were looking as though they could score a few more. Which of course they did. The football became more open and flowing and they began to rush around the opposing team.

I wont go into a kick by kick description of the game, suffice to say that City’s new owners and new manager must be very pleased with their team.

Rob and I had been standing at the back for 3/4 of the game and then suddenly we were told that we were not to stand there anymore.

Which was strange as there were others standing there. We pointed out that our seats were right at the front and we’d disturb people going to them and in all probability someone was already sat there so we’d have an argument about who should be sitting there.

Obviously we’d eventually have won the argument but we might have missed a goal. Rather like I missed the third goal when I went to the toilet to avoid the need to go down to our seats! Still I saw the replay.

We stayed pretty much until the end when we were moved on from standing at the back again in a different part of the ground. Ah well.

I do like the stadium and I enjoyed the football. The only downside was being told to move on very late in the match. If we’d been told to go at the very beginning, or just before half-time I wouldn’t have had a problem with it. However, being told so late in the match interrupted our enjoyment and if we’d started trying to get to our “correct” seats we’d have disrupted a lot more people.

Anyway, a big thanks to Manchester City for providing the tickets as a prize and thanks to Manchester Leisure for making sure they arrived in time for the game.

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