Manchester Congestion Charging

London Congestion Charging Sign - Manchester Next?Who was it who said Manchester would never have congestion charging because we don’t need it?

Certainly since we appear to have been caught hopping by the spin doctors we’ve been suckered into agreeing to it or else we can’t have the Metrolink Big Bang that puts tramlines and stations where people can actually use them.

As an aside I wonder what would happen if Londoners were told that they couldn’t have had the Thames Barrier , or only part of it, or the Water ring around the capital would only go part way round?

And adding fuel to the spin fire we appear to an example where the pro lobby (apparently led by our own council and its quangos) has “manufactured” 4 cases studies about how “real” people would be affected by the charge.

The truly interesting point about all this is that there appears to have been a vast amount of PR stuff generated. Apparently including a Yellow Bus and the aforesaid case studies and I didn’t see a single bit of it.

As I live on one of the main routes into Manchester and where I suspect the outer ring will be I would have been very interested in anything about the congestion charge.

And you know what? I would have been doubly interested by a report from a body that didn’t have a vested interest in getting into Manchester, or keeping it out.

Oh and by the way. Do we know whether the London Congestion Charge actually makes money or breaks even? Because if it proves difficult to collect money or chase defaulters guess who’s going to pay?

Yes, your good old friendly Manchester rate payer.

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