Manchester Food And Drink Festival

Athony Worrell Thompson Heading For Manchester

If you’re on a diet prepare to abandon it.

The 10th Manchester Food and Drink Festival starts on Friday 5th October 2007. The event is sponsored by the Co-op and runs until the 15th October.

Plenty of time to put on a couple of stone. Particularly if you’re going to see any of the top chef’s who’ll be at the festival.

Anthony Worrell Thompson arrives in Manchester and helps kickoff the festival on the 5th. But don’t let that stop you visiting as there’s loads going on.

Oh, and by the way, with my marketing hat on … please can we get rid of the Flash entry to the Manchester Food And Drink Festival web site?

One new award the festival are including is “The ‘Outstanding Contribution Award of the Decade’ will recognise someone who has made a lasting contribution to the City over the last 10 years.” And I’m sure I’m not surprising anyone by guessing that the winner will be Tony Wilson.

Another new award is the ‘Best Catering in a Public Venue’ Award. I await that award with interest as I’m hot-footing it to that venue as soon as the winner is announced.

I’ll see you there…

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