Manchester Has A Hole

Traffic chaos caused by roadworksYes, I know some quip that Manchester is a hole. To those of you I say you’ve obviously not plumbed the depths elsewhere!

The hole I refer to is on the Middleton Road carriage way from the M60 towards Manchester.

Actually the hole isn’t visible because there’s obviously a leak in one of the mains water pipes under the road as water is leaking all over the road surface.

Maybe you’re already yawning and thinking, "so what? Manchester has water leaks all over the place.

Steady on for a moment…

This is about a yard from where the same road was dug up for 3 weeks about 2 weeks ago to fix a smaller leak that was getting on the road.

That small leak caused absolute chaos on the M60 and for commuters trying to get onto the 3 Arrows roundabout and into Manchester via Middleton road. This despite the fact that Middleton road is a dual carriage way until way past the leak point.

So be warned. When the contractors return it seems likely the same problem with traffic is going to happen. So start researching those rat runs now.

Plus I hope they get to it soon as I’m not sure I want a repeat of the flood that engulfed my gardens when the mains pipe suddenly blew up and thousands of gallons of water created a swimming pool about a 20 yards long by 20 feet wide by one foot deep in the back garden a few years ago.

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