Manchester Horse Drawn Tram Re-Introduced

Horse drawn tram in Heaton parkManchester horse drawn tram is making a welcome return to Heaton Park. They’re out in force taking video and photos of the last running trial before the service is launched tomorrow (I assume). Having said that the Heaton Park trams tend to operate on Sundays and Bank Holidays so I’m expecting the actual service to really begin on Sunday.

Although it’s a bit showery and cold today if it’s sunny then I can see we’re going to get a few visitors keen to try it out.

Maybe we ought to extend the Heaton Park tram line from the tram museum up to Heaton Hall and beyond so we can easily get to (and from) the Metrolink without even walking!

Also wouldn’t it be fun to run the trams during summer evening events? Mind you you’d probably need to have two trams running which would impose quite a workload on the volunteers, to say nothing of the trams!

The pictures are of one of the first trials, when we had a beautiful sunny day.

Horse drawn tram in Heaton Park

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  1. Anonymous says:

    that has been a great idea even it’s a sunny day… 

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