Manchester In The Pink on Monopoly!

The makers of Monopoly have caused a storm with its new Monopoly board.

The game, which celebrates 75 years, has come up with a new board design where the squares on the board where you

charge rent replace London street names with cities and towns in the UK.

The selection was based on a poll that netted nearly a million replies.

Manchester did not do well. It occupies the space originally occupied by Whitehall, one of the lesser prestigious pink coloured squares. However, it beats rival cities  Liverpool and Leeds that have achieved the least expensive places including Old Kent Road.

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3 Responses to Manchester In The Pink on Monopoly!

  1. I knew that Liverpool had been allocated Old Kent Road status, but Leeds being down the bottom end is news – bugger. Maybe they should have just done it on property prices rather than votes, but then I suppose Leeds would still be low down. Oh well.

  2. Jim Symcox says:

    Hi Chris, thanks for that thought. Mind you if they’d allocated the squares as they should – by value for t’money – us up North would win and get Park Lane and Mayfair wouldn’t we?

  3. John Nash says:

    Got me thinking, is there a foursquare version of monopoly?

    The monopoly tour is pretty popular in London so how about putting a specific Manchester game on-line and use something like Foursquare to track users. Most check-ins gives you the option to buy a house, charge rent etc?

    If I was a technical genius it would be my next job!

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