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Sometimes when you read the papers it seems as if it’s all doom and gloom on the jobs front.

People are worried about the economy and the effect it might have on their jobs and livelihoods.

There’s no doubt that this has been a pretty tough time for a lot of people. People who once thought they had jobs for life have had to face the harsh realities of the job market.

And of course small businesses going out of business doesn’t help that general feeling of anxiety.

Despite that the atmosphere in Manchester overall remains buoyant. The new tram lines are going to make getting around Manchester and Greater Manchester so much easier. And with the reasonable property prices at the moment it seems set fair for people who want to move to Manchester for work.

Jobs are around

And if you speak to some of the business owners around the Northwest there does seem reason to be optimistic.

As a business coach I get to hear about exactly what’s going on in my clients businesses.

It’s fair to say that those that are very closely tied to getting funds from local government or government are waiting to see what happens. Will the economy start to do the double dip people are talking about?

However, if you look at the more commercial end of business a number of companies I deal with are making  money. And along with making money they’re taking hiring decisions and getting more people on board.

For example I’ve just completed a sales super star recruitment campaign for one of my clients. Originally, he was only looking for one sales person but he now intends taking on two.

Another client has taken on someone to help them with their increase in customers and related need to service them even more. One client recently took on another salesperson and had their best month since they started their business several years ago.

And of course jobs in Manchester job boards are filled with jobs to go for.

The creative media sector

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last few years you know that large chunks of the BBC are relocating to Media City in Salford. And even before that happened Manchester seemed to attract a goodly number of high tech businesses, such as web design, IT support and the like which has meant that there have been a lot of IT Jobs to be had.

The Big Chip digital awards has been an encouraging sign of Manchester encouraging this whole area of business. In addition there’s even a networking group (Wired City) which is dedicated to helping Manchester digital companies network with each other and get business. If you’d like to go check out their web site,  tell Les “Jim sent you!”

Manchester Science Park, along with the satellite parks it runs, has been a good hub for attracting digital business. And one of parks they run (One Central) has its own metrolink station, plus the new police HQ nearby, so plenty of security on-tap!

Opportunities outside the creative media

Obviously we can’t all work in creative media! And of course there are people who want to help others, so it’s worth checking out charity jobs because it’s best to go to sites that focus on the type of jobs you’re looking for.

It strikes me that Manchester has been hit by all the cuts we’ve needed to make. Yet at the same time people still need people to help them. So like some of the people I’ve talked to I remain optimistic on the jobs front.

If you’re looking for jobs good luck and hopefully the links I’ve included may help. If you’re in a job well done!

About Jim Symcox

Manchester is great. At Manchester University I take part in Gilbert & Sullivan productions each year. I'm a Manchester-based business growth coach and marketing evangelist and like to help companies grow more profitable, more quickly.
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