Manchester Snow Is Very Low

Children still playing in snow late at night Well my children loved the meager amount of snow we got on Monday. The weather people kept promising to send us more snow all week. And yet what have we got?

Sunny days…

I mean, alright the days have been a bit chilly. Well, OK freezing. But there’s been no further snow. I followed a gritter last night which was determinedly spreading grit all down the motorway. So everyone believed those weather forecasts.

To be fair the snow has snarled up Devon from what the news bulletins are telling us. 

I suppose the question is do we want more snow?

I know my children would love vast amounts. As I tend to coach via phone or Skype it wouldn’t affect me too much – unless the broadband went down like it did for several hours this week.

However, Kay wouldn’t be able to go to her school if it was closed due to snow. And she loves her SSA job and helping the children there.

So maybe on balance a day of deep snow for the children to have snowball fights. Perhaps try the sledge out on one of the hills at Heaton Park and then an immediate thaw overnight so everyone can go back to school!

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