Manchester Speed Cameras Are Ace

Well actually they’re not ace at all, they’re a severe irritant. I say this because I’ve been clocked by one doing 39 in a 30mph zone. The thing about this road (Blackley New Road) is that it doesn’t have permanent speed cameras on. But it does, every now and then, have a camera in a van.

So why do they have a van on a quiet road mid morning on a Monday?

Because the people who are running the cameras know that Blackley New Road goes downhill, it’s a nice wide road and it’s incredibly difficult to keep the speed at 30 without dropping into 3rd and wasting petrol and destroying the ozone layer more rapidly.

So it becomes a trade-off between being green or going green in the face because you’ve got a speeding fine.

And just when you thought that was it on the speed camera front, I noticed that the M60 (junction 19) near the Three Arrows pub and the Middleton turn-off has average speed cameras installed (not in use this morning).

I’m hopeful that they’re only there for the roadworks that seem to afflict the M60 and will be removed when they’re finished. I’ll let you know. If anyone else had any news about it let us know too.

And lastly the average speed cameras placed strategically along Victoria Avenue appear to have been playing up and not coining the revenue in for the “Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership.” I noticed the workmen digging bits of pavement up around the camera gantry near St. Clare’s church earlier in the week. Although it looks as though work is finished and money can start spilling into council coffers.

Interestingly Swindon took all their cameras out and found there was no change in the number of accidents.

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