Manchester Sports Day Rained Off

Yet again the Manchester weather spoils the plans of parents.

My eldest daughters last sports day at her primary school was scheduled to be on Monday, 7th July. As sometimes happens in Manchester the heavens opened and a veritable torrent over the weekend and in the morning washed away any chance of the day happening on Monday.

So much for booking the morning to watch it!

Last year the rain had fallen in such a steady way that sports day was completely cancelled. If you remember the pictures of floods from Hull, Sheffield and elsewhere you know we had some rain. Luckily Manchester stayed relatively flood-free. Although like I say, the odd sports day was cancelled!

Anyway today when I’m booked solid with coaching has to be the day they can do sports day. So my wife and youngest daughter have been packed off to enjoy a few hours of people running around, jumping in sacks, skipping and possible egg and spoon races. Apparently the three-legged race has been banned because someone broke their leg doing it last year. Not at my daughters school though.

I love it every year, it’s real fun for the children. And this stuff about not being competitive, don’t make me laugh. Children are competitive and really root for their teams.

So sadly I can’t do sports day this year (although I managed my middle daughter’s sports day in June). So it looks like I have to rely on video…

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