Manchester, springs into spring with a Wrigley competition

Manchester weather has been rather strange this last 12 months.

Look back and you’ll remember the absence of snow for most of the time, when everyone else was knee deep in the stuff.

“Climate change!”, I’m sure I can almost hear the massed chorus of people who know stuff shout.

For the last few months it’s been bitterly cold. Not overly strange when you consider that Manchester has had some quite severe snow falls in March.

We’ve had some gorgeously sunny days too. Although slightly marred by the chill breeze

It feels like spring has arrived at last, and it’s only May!


So to celebrate we’re holding a competition, along with the Wrigley gum people.

Over the next few days we’ll ask a question each day.

And each day the winner will be picked from those who sent in the right answer. They will be asked for their address and will be sent some samples of Wrigley’s sugar free gum.

And the following day I’ll give the answer and the next question.

So, to the first question:

Guess how much food in total is left in Manchester’s mouths each week after snacking?

Rules are as follows:

1) The competition closes at midnight on each day

2) Everyone who gives the correct answer in a comment on that days  post will be put into a hat and one email will be drawn at random.That email will be used to request your name and address

3) If the email requesting name and address is not replied to within 24 hours, another will be sent and then if there is no reply within 3 days another random draw will be held and this step repeated until a winner replies

4) The winner will be announced in the blog and a photo would be appreciated so we can post it with your name.

5) In the interests of global warming and postal charges this competition is only open to UK readers, sorry we might get a more global prize another time

6) The Manchester Blog editor decision is final

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