Manchester Weather, Whether We Like It Or Not

Manchester Town HallI fell in love with Manchester when I came for my University admissions interview. It had been exciting to travel up by train from the farthest reaches of East Anglia, well Peterborough anyway.

I’d heard all the stories about how Manchester had a permanent black cloud tethered to it by a large and grime-ridden piece of string. All the buildings would be covered with soot and bits of miners Black Lung as the matchstick men and women coughed through the fogs to buy themselves their chippy teas, with a big strong mug of tea to wash it down.

Did I believe those stories? Of course not, well maybe a little…

Yet, when I arrived at Piccadilly station I discovered that the sun that had been threatening to smile weakly over my explorations had burst through into glorious warmth through a cloudless blue sky. I walked the relatively short distance (or so it seemed in those days) from the station, through UMIST to Manchester University’s Chemistry department. There I found myself with hundreds of other hopeful candidates for a Chemistry degree. We all trooped into the largest lecture theatre and were addressed by the admissions tutor who pointed out that statistically we’d all die one day! Cheerful, or what?

Everyone I met seemed just as excited as me and very friendly. And this was a prestigious course and the best Chemistry course after Oxford and Cambridge so everyone was keen to get in.

When we eventually finished our interviews the sun was still shining gently down on us and the clear blue skies were all around. I’d seen the sun rays glance off the station, UMIST’s massive buildings, The Refuge building along Oxford road and Manchester Town Hall nestled in Albert Square. All seemed right with the world and I knew then as I boarded the train back home that I would return.

Little did I know then that with the degree course I would discover the delights of student societies, student parties, Tommy Ducks, The Salisbury, Studios 1-5 and halls of residence!

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About Jim Symcox

Manchester is great. At Manchester University I take part in Gilbert & Sullivan productions each year. I'm a Manchester-based business growth coach and marketing evangelist and like to help companies grow more profitable, more quickly.
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3 Responses to Manchester Weather, Whether We Like It Or Not

  1. Damian says:

    I’m also rather fond of “Madders” – loads of changes going on and always have have a good time when visiting.

  2. Pretty much the same story for me really. I love the place. I didn’t go to University here but places like the Salisbury and Tommy Ducks bring back memories of my first years here.

  3. Jim Symcox says:

    you’re right Manchester seems to ooze it’s way into your blood!

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