Manchester’s Clayton Hall visited by Greater Manchester Lord Lieutenant

2010 04 gatepost #1Manchester basking in the sunshine is always jokingly referred to as a once in a year experience. However, like I’ve said before Manchester definitely does attract some great weather. As an example look at the fine weather we’ve been having recently. Granted it’s actually raining as I type these words but that has not dampened my enthusiasm for the lovely weather that Manchester gets. And yes that sunshine does come more than once per year.

In fact over the weekend we were blessed with beautiful weather yet again and Kay, Sarah and Rachel went off to Clayton Hall to help with the visit of the Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Warren Smith.

The hall positively shone in the summer sun and with the nicely mown lawns looked very much a well-kept Victorian house.

Greater Manchester’s Lord Lieutenant was apparently very impressed with what is being achieved at Clayton Hall. Hopefully he’ll come again and see how much other people like it too.

When I turned up, after Mr Smith had departed, I discovered that the gift shop had been stuffed to the rafters with new and exciting toys, books and other goodies.

I can’t wait for the next open day because it’s great to get feedback about how people see the hall and to listen as they tell you their own experiences with the Hall itself, other Manchester Victorian experiences or Clayton and the immediate areas around Clayton when they were children.

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