Manchester’s Top Secret Horse Drawn Tram Trials

Tram,VictorI’ve been sworn to secrecy but I can reveal that on the 30th March in Manchester a horse drawn tram will begin operation.

I was very lucky to discover the horse drawn tram being given a test outing today. I’ve taken some photos and some video which I’ll post to this blog at a later date.

There was quite a posse of excited tram people clustered around the tram (which looks great) and the horse. The horse is about 17 hands and much bigger than tram horses used to be. Still it’s going to be fun for Manchester I’m sure.

The tram is open top and looks to have some restored benches on it. I wonder whether health and safety will let people go onto the top deck?

As today was beautiful and sunny it was a great day to trial the service and quite a few people saw it as they went past. So I suspect it wont remain a secret for long. By the way the photo you see here is not one of the ones I took today.

Tune into this blog on the 27th and I’ll tell you where it will be plying it’s trade from. And I’ll be putting up one or two nice photos of tram and horse.

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