Massive Queues On Middleton Road

Well here we are once again, another hole in the road.

Over the weekend a few bollards were artfully displayed along one of the lanes on Middleton Road leading away from Manchester and towards the M60.

Today the bollards have arrived in force and it looks as though they’re opening another hole in the road next to the one that was there on the opposite carriageway.


The result is that for people going through the roadworks there is one lane out of Manchester.

At the moment the traffic is backing up towards the petrol station near The Heaton Park hotel. So not too bad.

However, this isn’t rush hour yet!

My advice?

Steer well clear it’s going to be very, very bad.

Other Middleton Road Carriageway Affected Too

Oh, and for tomorrow, just to let you know.  When you come in to Manchester you may still have a pr0blem.

Currently one lane on the other carriageway is also blocked as they’ve put a lorry there to take the soil from the digger.

Looks like they’ve waited for Easter holidays before unleashing this potential mayhem! Tags: ,,

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