MUGSS Iolanthe Production Starts 30th April At The RNCM

Manchester University Gilbert and Sullivan Society 2008 Production of Iolanthe (Posterv3-scaled)After months of rehearsal and working Thursdays and Sundays for quite a while the show has come together at last. As usual we seem to not get the knack of a particular dance step until we’ve had it drummed into our brains 11 million times.

Anyway, now we’ve a show on our hands and I’m really looking forward to going into the Royal Northern College of Music for our second major production.

The company have already performed a Rock version of Trial By Jury and, unusually, last November Bugsy Malone. Unusually because we’ve done Gilbert & Sullivan ever since I started as a member back in the 1970’s.

We’ve not seen the set yet, that will be on Monday when everything is brought into the theatre. According to one of the directors they’ve actually produced some set that took a long time to build and which is only on stage for a few minutes.

Apparently we’ve got a good orchestra, I’ll know more on Sunday when the whole company sings with them for the first time. The orchestra having rehearsed with Justin Morley our musical director.

Breaking with tradition we’ve had a pair of directors directing us this year. I must say I’ve been impressed that they’ve not (apparently) lost their tempers with each other, or with the cast.

Anyway, it’s going to be a fun show, after all fairies, peers and the House Of Lords, who could ask for more intrigue or opportunity to see some fun antics!?

You can buy your tickets online via the RNCM or via a variety of other ways through the MUGSS website for the show which starts next Tuesday 30th April 2008.

I commend the show to the house…

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