North And South Divide Reveals Attitude

Today I interviewed fellow marketer Robert Craven.

The Financial Times called Robert the “Entreprenuer guru”, he’s owned and marketed his own restaurant and currently provides marketing advice without any “Business School Bollocks” across the country.

Over the last two years Robert has been working with Barclays Bank right across Britian to deliver a series of Seminars called “Bright Marketing” and another called “More Profits.” He recently delivered a “Bright Marketing” seminar in Oldham.

During our interview I asked Robert whether he felt there was a North/South divide in business and marketing.

Robert replied, that the North/South divide exists and as he’s travelled across Britian the differences he’s found are:

  1. Northerners are more friendly, more chatty and more blunt, or straight forward
  2. Southerners are less accessible, they’re “lean back” people rather than “lean forward”
  3. Londoners are very much busier, everyone is time poor and has shorter attention spans

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Manchester is great. At Manchester University I take part in Gilbert & Sullivan productions each year. I'm a Manchester-based business growth coach and marketing evangelist and like to help companies grow more profitable, more quickly.
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2 Responses to North And South Divide Reveals Attitude

  1. Jim

    Artisan Communications make the point that I am making sweeping generalisations in the original interview – I wholeheartedly agree – see their blog at
    “In terms of people, generalisations are always dangerous. When you think you have a fool proof formula, an exception comes along to challenge it.”


  2. jymsym says:


    You’re right. That said without stereotypes where would we be? After all marketing is all about pinpointing a group of people to sell to. Are they all identical? Obviously not, but there are generalisations that are largely true that help you sell to them.


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