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Parklife finishes quietly

Parklife had beautiful weather over the weekend at Heaton Park.

The concert by the Courteeners kicked it all off on the Friday.

Parklife then continued the music over the Saturday and Sunday.

From all the happy faces you could see that people were having a great time.

OK, unlike previous concerts we heard the beat in our house and were very happy when it ended at 11pm each night! And of course the ongoing rush of people, buses, ambulances and police outside our house kept us all awake until gone 1am.

It’s a small price to pay for a concert that introduces more people to Heaton Park and also revitalises local businesses.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the whole experience was how well organised it was. There were portable toilets at all waiting points, such as on Victoria Avenue, Bowker Vale Met station, near the Park, obviously in the park and bins were all around and being emptied so they didn’t overflow.

Well done to Parklife and the Heaton Park event organisers.

Jim Symcox: Manchester is great. At Manchester University I take part in Gilbert & Sullivan productions each year. I'm a Manchester-based business growth coach and marketing evangelist and like to help companies grow more profitable, more quickly.

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