Parklife Returns to Heaton Park

Parklife is returning to Heaton park this June (11-12th).

Usually the gigs at the park have been sunny affairs, so hopefully this year’s concert will be too.

Parking is getting ever more restrictive. As are road closures, even I had trouble moving around and I’m a resident with an event travel permit!

There does seem to be an amazing number of acts taking part this year. Although as an old fogey I only recognise the Chemical Brothers and Annie Mac. One or two others seem a little familiar but I put that down to my children’s influence.

If you’re coming have a great time. Just ask the bands to keep the noise down…

Heaton Park, MIddleton Road entrance to Stone Roses Gig

Heaton Park Entrance – Middleton Road


Heaton Park before the Parklife Hordes

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