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Parklife returns to Heaton Park

Parklife is back at Heaton Park today and for this weekend.  Last time the Parklife event seemed to go without too much of a negative impact on the denizens of Prestwich, Crumpsall and Blackley.

In fact compared to the previous Stone Roses concert it was busy but still very quiet at our end of the park.

Good news for Parklife visitors is that the weather is fabulous at the moment.

Road Closure round Heaton Park

Of course the organisers have learnt from previous concerts exactly what needs doing. So for example they close Middleton road, where I live, to traffic between 8pm and 1am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That means the amount of traffic that we could have had is significantly reduced. Equally, it makes pickup directly from the park on Middleton road impossible.

Cone Free Parking

At the Stone Roses concert cars had been parked on every spare bit of space. That included down each square inch of the central reservation of Middleton Road leading from the M60 to the park. So there are now cones all down the central reservation and every little bit of pavement. They’ve even coned off the generous parking area around The Three Arrow pubs (now closed) .

So I suspect there is very little cone-free parking. Although I think Sainsbury’s car park could be busy!

Loud Sound System

Everyone going to Parklife can rest assured that they will be able to hear the acts, because we heard the tests yesterday and the sound system could be heard loud and clear. We don’t normally hear it that loud!

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