Parklife Weekender weather looking good

music stage at Heaton Park

Heaton Park Parklife concert

Here in Manchester and more specifically here at Heaton Park the weather is lovely and sunny. So break out the shorts, the shades and the suncream.

I’m expecting to see some lobsters by tonight!

Although I’ve just seen a couple of people in bright pink wellies and shorts. So they’re obviously prepared for all eventualities.

The normal traffic enforcements, such as bollards are out. So driving to the venue is probably not going to work for you unless you’re parking on someones drive, or you know the area incredibly well and get here early enough. And by the way at the last concert a load of people parked cars on the centre isle of the dual carriageway near Sainsbury’s. The traffic wardens (who were out in force) had a field day!

If you don’t know Heaton Park and you live in Manchester probably the best way to get to it is via the Metrolink. You can get off at the Heaton park stop, or Bowker Vale. If you get off at Bowker Vale you’ll know the station to use to get back to Manchester , or Bury, as previously they’ve closed the Heaton park stop before the end of the concert.

If last time is anything to go by car traffic will be pretty heavy on Middleton Road, Sheepfoot Lane and Bury Old Road, round Heaton Park itself.

I’ve seen the number of huge marques they’ve put up. So it looks like the festival is going to be good.

However, I’ve not seen any toilets on the pavement, like they had last time!

Enjoy the concert.

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