Quacky Races At Clayton Vale

Duck Flotilla Ready For Inspection! This post is well overdue as the Quacky Races I’m talking about were over a couple of weeks ago when Manchester was basking in unusually clement and sunny weather. The event was held at Clayton Vale a pleasantly landscaped and reclaimed council rubbish tip from decades ago.

The Friends of Clayton Vale had organised a duck race, with side shows and the opportunity to pig out in the cafe.

Myself and assorted daughters turned up and put our names down for the first ducks. We then retired to the assault course to see how quickly the three of them could run down a bench, hop through tyres, scoot under a giant crawling net, leap through a converted wheelie bin and arrive breathless at the finish.

The course became a must go to for almost every child that came to watch their duck get trounced by the eventual winner, who I’m sure had an outboard motor under one wing as he was so far in front of his rivals.

You may have guessed that our own ducks failed to make the grade and didn’t even get a place. Still we all had a great time and there were a bunch of people there who were obviously enjoying themselves making sure to encourage their ducks with loud quacks and cheers.

As well as the vital cafe and sweetie shop there were also simple fairground games that were manned by volunteers and where everyone seemed to win something.

All in all it was a very pleasant way to spend a sunny and warm Thursday.

And anyway, I’ve stopped brooding on our loss at the Quacky races this year.

I’m looking forward to the re-match next year. Does anyone know where I can get a Manchester Lesiure Hauls In The Ducksprofessional yellow duck as a ringer?

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