Restaurant Review: The Peking Court

The Peking Court Restaurant (Manchester) Kay had been to the Peking Court on a night out with her sister some weeks back and wanted to take the whole family so we could see what we thought too.

The Peking Court is actually a Chinese buffet style restaurant where you go and choose whatever you want to eat from the buffet, including chips!

And the dessert is included in the very reasonably priced menu.

So once the kids were safely on holiday we checked the Peking Court’s web site for the opening times and ended up going about 3pm, which I think was the cheapest time, so that’s good.

We sat down and ordered our drinks and then we trotted off to a long, almost school cafeteria-like, stainless steel buffet unit set with lots of different dishes.

The dishes range from chips, through Peking duck to sweet and sour chicken to lemon chicken via beef, pork and vegetable dishes.

In with everything else were prawn toast, prawn crackers and spring rolls.

Everything was nice and hot and you could go back for seconds or even thirds if you had the capacity – I didn’t…

However, everything I chose was delicious. I had a large amount of very tasty sweet and sour, some lemon chicken and special fried rice with plenty of vegetables. I also felt duty bound to check the chips, which I can report were actually tasty and not dried up and greasy as I’d feared.

The children loved the prawn crackers and kept going back for more.

As for dessert there was a choice of banana fritter, cheese cake, chocolate cake and fruit or the whole lot.

I enjoyed the meal I had ( and I did go back for seconds). When we were there some of the dishes were at a low level and there was only a few bites of banana fritter left, so I got one small piece. However, I did notice that as we were leaving more food was being poured into the containers.

When we arrived it was deathly quiet as we were the only customers. However as the time progressed it began to fill up and became quite busy with a lot of people obviously enjoying the food there.

If you’re expecting high class Chinese cuisine you’ll be disappointed. However, if you want reasonably priced Chinese food that’s tasty the Peking Court is where you need to try next.

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