Restaurants of Manchester

Restaurants in Manchester are seemingly in vast over supply. Or are they?

Certainly as I wander aimlessly around Manchester more and more restaurants appear to be in place.

Sometimes they’re even in places that weren’t even built as restaurants.

Maybe the recession isn’t hitting the restaurant trade as badly as it did last time when many restaurants simply closed their doors.

And the ones I’ve noticed all look scrumptious and I’ve made a mental note to return to try them out.

Of course we’ve still got our old faithfuls like Yang Sing, Peking Court, San Carlos and others. And ¬†they all seem pretty well filled.

Interestingly some restaurants I used to love going to have closed and re-opened as another restaurant, and sometimes even a different type of restaurant.

So, what do you think of the current restaurant scene

Is it sustainable? Is it good for Mancunians?

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Manchester is great. At Manchester University I take part in Gilbert & Sullivan productions each year. I'm a Manchester-based business growth coach and marketing evangelist and like to help companies grow more profitable, more quickly.
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