Save Heaton Park

Heaton Park - needs saving? If you want to help save Heaton Park from being slowly nibbled to a “death by development” sign up for the “Save Heaton Park petition.”

The application is for:

“Proposed sports development comprising of: detached building to form changing rooms with ancillary store, multi use rooms and cafe bar, together with the formation of 13 small-sided football pitches, six tennis and netball courts, skatepark and climbing wall with associated parking, landscaping, boundary treatments and associated floodlighting.”

In addition you can object to the planning permission.

If you live near the park you’re a neighbour and there’s plenty of reasons to put for objections – I wonder how many of the trees have preservation orders on for instance?

The problem appears to be that Manchester council wants to improve facilities at Heaton Park. A good motive!

However, they’re currently talking to an organisation that plans to put a number of different sports facilities there, including tennis courts and football pitches. And of course they’ll charge for these facilities to be used at peak times.

Firstly who defines peak times and secondly, and more to the point, why can’t they develop all these sport facilities elsewhere?

There’s plenty of land around Simister or other parts of Prestwich that could be used. There’s also plenty of land around between the M60 and Middleton that could be used, including an ex-mega car sale facility that already has massive amounts of parking.

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