Spinning Jenny – Will It Take Over from Corrie?

Arkwright and His Spinning Machine -- newsprint 1890 - not the Spinning Jenny SoapWell you could knock me down with a feather. The Manchester blog got a new subscriber from SpinningJenny.tv. If you don’t know it’s Spinning Jenny it’s a new soap, which appears to be completely Internet based.

If it’s as much fun as it appears Corrie could be taking a back seat at the Soap Awards next year, again.

Well done to Brazen PR for using a .TV web site and and a free Blogger blog in this way to get people involved with the soap. I’m rather assuming that Brazen is involved because the central character (Jenny) works for them in the show. 

In fact you can get really involved and mash up and re-edit some of the footage from the soap.  You can reload it to the web site and if they like it you can get £100.

Should be a nice bit of fun!

Come on Spinning Jenny how about getting an old ham involved?

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