Stones Roses are coming to Heaton Park

DSCN2508After their “intimate gig” in Warrington the Stone Roses are down to do their 3 day show in Heaton Park, starting 29th June.

They’ve some interesting support acts, including the Wailers. The Wailers will be on every night and the other support acts will vary each night. Check the full Stone Roses gig line-up.

We’ve had some great weather over the last week, although today is threatening to rain. Anyway, hopefully it will be good weather on the 29th.

Although, if it is raining then don’t bring your Stone Roses umbrella because you wont be allowed to take it into the Heaton Park gig. Similarly don’t bring any type of chair, cool-box or picnic hamper, in fact there’s a huge list of things not to bring to the Stone Roses concert(for very good reasons). Rather than direct you to the Stone Roses promoters site(see previous link)…

The list of things not to bring

1. Folding Chairs, Stools, Tables

2. Shooting Sticks

3. Golf or Large Umbrellas

4. Glass

5. Cans

6. Weapons

7. Drugs

8. Flags, Banners, Poles, Sticks

9. Cool Boxes / Picnic Hampers

10. Luggage / Trolley Cases

11. Animals (except Assistance Dogs)

12. Recording Equipment

13. Professional Cameras (i.e. anything with a detachable or large lens)

14. Alcohol (carried in any container)

15. Any water or Soft drinks in bottles larger than 500ml

16. Food

17. Laser Pens

18. Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards

19. Footballs, Golf Balls, Darts (or any Sport Equipment)

20. Pushchairs / Prams (No under 5’s permitted)

21. Tents/ Gazebos/ Sun Shelters

22. BBQ’s, Candles, Lanterns

23. Fireworks, Flares

24. Air horns, Loud Hailers

25. Hi-vis Bibs, Jackets or Vests

26. Articles which may be a danger to public or cause nuisance.

And the management reserves the right to search all persons and personal property.

So there you go, a huge list.

Transport for the Stone Roses Gig

One word of warning the Heaton Park metro station will be closed by the time you leave the gig. The easiest metro station to get to from the gig is probably Bowker Vale, although getting on the tram may be an issue if a lot of fans go to the Prestwich stations.

IF you’re coming by car there’s no parking in Heaton Park, well there is but that’s for VIP and disabled people (possibly pre-booked?).

I noted that they’re running a shuttle from Manchester to the gig and you can pre-book tickets. It shouldn’t (in theory) take more than 20 minutes to get from town centre to Heaton Park so might be a good option.

If this gig is like previous ones the police will be actively ensuring that parking is restricted around Heaton Park.

I think the Stone Roses should be fun, and because I live opposite one of the main entrances there’s a very good chance – especially if it’s warm that I’ll get to hear the music.

Anyway, have a great time. If anything else crops up about the gig I’ll let you know.

Also I wrote about the expected traffic nightmare for the oasis gig, I suspect the same may apply for this Stone Roses gig too.


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